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Saint-Quay-Portrieux Hotel

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Saint Quay Portieux and the Ker Moor hotel are waiting to amaze you

Saint Quay Portrieux and the Ker Moor hotel are two essential stops on a trip to Brittany's Goëlo coast. This small port town is full of surprises: an auction where the best scallops in the region are sold, a seawater swimming pool and even a treasure island. The 4-star hotel is ideally located for enjoying these marvels. You won't regret your visit to this charming coastal town between Paimpol and Saint-Brieuc!

Saint Quay Portrieux: port city and seaside resort

Saint Quay Portrieux is built on steep hillsides, just 20 minutes from the famous Breton town of Saint-Brieuc. This small community of 3,000 inhabitants could easily go unnoticed. But it would be a shame not to stop here. And with good reason: halfway between a quiet seaside resort and a dynamic port city, it offers an unspoilt natural setting for a stopover of just a few days. The marina is an attraction in itself, with more than 1,000 berths and an endless spectacle of boats coming and going at all hours. In the early hours of the morning, you can witness another scene: the fishermen disembarking. This is undoubtedly the best way to immerse yourself in the Breton 100% atmosphere: the harbour is transformed into a fresh fish and shellfish market. A few hours after this joyous auction, the silence returns and gives way to the various nautical activities. The Hôtel de Ker Moor is about 15 minutes' walk from the Saint Quay Portrieux pier, from where sailing and motor boats organise guided excursions around the bay. As for the town's many beaches, they all offer a wide range of leisure activities for all the family. The Casino beach, a 10-minute walk from Ker Moor, is a unique attraction in France: a seawater swimming pool with diving board. A must-do!

Hotel Ker Moor distant aerial view - saint quay portrieux hotel
sea view terrace from the comfort room at the Ker Moor Saint Quay hotel

Saint Quay Portrieux and the Ker Moor hotel: an atypical setting facing the sea 

When you arrive at the Ker Moor hotel, it's impossible not to notice a strange building that looks like it's at the end of the world. It's the Château de Calan, and it's sure to raise a lot of questions among the curious onlookers who pass by! It was built in 1880 by a French diplomat returning from a trip to the Middle East. 100 years later, after having escaped demolition, the Hôtel de Ker Moor, or "the house by the sea", was erected at the foot of the building. In this Saint Quay Portrieux setting, the hotel boasts 30 rooms 27 of which have sea views, some of which also have balconies for maximum enjoyment. Although the view is enough in itself, there are many services and areas to enhance the stay of the hotel's guests. The swimming pool, set in the elegant garden, is heated throughout the summer season (mid-May to mid-September). The sound of the waves breaking on the rocky foreshore below accompanies your moment of relaxation. To make the most of this panoramic view, the rooftop will leave you wondering: like a watchtower, it's a great place to watch the uninterrupted flow of sea traffic and the sunset.

An exceptional natural heritage just a stone's throw from the Ker Moor hotel

Ker Moor, this "house by the sea" is ideally located for an authentic stay in Brittany. The town is not large, but offers a number of itineraries for discovering the wonders of the Goëlo coastline. Saint Quay Portrieux and the hotel are crossed by the GR 34 which is a signposted, safe walking route. Among other things, it provides access to the Pointe du Sémaphore, which offers a 360° view of the whole coastline. the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. An orientation table will help you find your way among all the islands that make up the landscape. From the hotel's rooms, you'll be able to see the little piece of land directly opposite. This is " l'île de la Comtesse "At low tide, you can reach it on foot - it's a romantic exploration you should do without hesitation! At its centre are the ruins of centuries-old botanical gardens. Back on the mainland, the reception offers electric bike hire, giving you the chance to explore the roads of the region and discover the wild beauty of Brittany.

View of Saint Quay Portrieux Hotel