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Opening of the scallop fishing season - Saint Quay Portrieux

The Coquille St Jacques is fished from October to April in the Bay of Saint Brieuc - Paimpol in order to preserve the resource and the deposit. 

The fishing is reasoned, limited in time and quantity. The boats fish twice a week, for 45 minutes on a defined fishing ground. To fish for scallops, the trawlers are equipped with dredges to scrape the seabed to recover the buried shells. Each shell is sorted in order to keep only those larger than 10.2cm. 

On return from fishing, the shells must go to the auction where they will be checked for conformity.

Saint Quay Portrieux is one of the main fishing ports for Coquille St Jacques in the Bay of Saint Brieuc, along with Paimpol and Erquy. 

Don't wait any longer, come and taste the scallops in the restaurants of Saint Quay Portrieux and the surrounding area. 

Coquille St Jacques Bay of Saint Brieuc Paimpol