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Flat Saint Quay Portrieux

Choose a flat in Saint Quay Portrieux

If you are travelling as a couple or on a family holiday to Saint Quay PortrieuxIt is essential to choose a flat that will suit your needs. Feeling comfortable is one of the priorities, and choosing a flat should not be taken lightly, as this is where you will rest and also spend a lot of time with your loved ones. In this article we will discover some criteria for choosing the right apartment your flat in Saint Quay Portrieux.

1. The right size

To know the size of the flat you need. You need to know how many people will be staying in the apartment. If you are a large family, opt for flats with several rooms. You can find flats with 4 or more rooms, with 4 or more bedrooms, where you and your family can thrive. However, if you are a couple or a single person, 2 or 3 rooms may be enough for you.

2. The view

The view is also one of the things you should never neglect. You will feel more comfortable and fulfilled in the morning. Having a good view when you wake up will also put you in a good mood!

If you choose flats close to the beach, you can walk and enjoy the fresh air and the view. Flats with a garden are also good choices, as having breakfast in a nice garden is also a good way to spend time with your family. Some flats offer large wooden terraces. On the terrace you can enjoy the beauty of the island and the sea while staying in your flat. If you also like to watch the sunset, a flat with a terrace will be best suited for you.

3. Meals

When renting a flat, it is likely that some of them will offer meals. In general, most will include breakfast. You can choose between several equally hearty breakfasts. If you prefer to go out for meals, then you should choose a flat that is close to restaurants, bars and shops. We still advise you to choose a flat that has a well-equipped kitchen. Like induction hobs, a fridge, etc. And as already mentioned below, if you want to prepare your own breakfast, it is best to choose a flat with an oven and a coffee machine.

4. The budget

It is obvious that the price depends totally on the flat you need. The more comfortable and larger it is, the higher the price will be. You need to find a flat with a good price-quality ratio. These are just a few tips to help you make the right choice a flat in Saint Quay Portrieux. You can find more information on these and other topics on our website.