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Île de la Comtesse

Jewel of Saint Quay Portrieux

Accessible on foot from the hotel at low tide, the Île de la Comtesse is part of the landscape of Saint Quay Portrieux. This little treasure covered in 3850 m² of greenery and is perfect for walking with its small paths criss-crossing between the tamarisks, fig trees and other shrubs. It’s the perfect place for you and your family to pretend you’ve been washed up on a desert island like the Swiss Family Robinson! From the get-go, a variety of spurge plants with bluish hints, adapted to the sea coast, sets the tone. Further inland at the centre of the island, discover an old building surrounded by walls. From up there, you have a superb 360° view over the coast, the lovely houses, the semaphore and the Hotel Ker Moor Préférence, and towards the sea and if the weather is nice, you’ll be able to count the islands, lighthouses and passing boats.

Bequeathed to the Benedictine monks of Léhon in the 13th century by the Count of Avaugour, Lord of Le Goelo, the island got its aristocratic title from the nobleman’s wife. A community property census from 1679 shows that it was already known as the “Île de la Comtesse” by that point. 

After the French Revolution, the island belonged to a number of successive owners, including the family of Eugène Rimmel, the famous perfumer and French expat in London who invented mascara. The place became a sort of private botanic conservation area where rare fragrances and lavender were cultivated, finding their way into the production of aromatic substances.

It was the beginning of the 20th century when it fell into the hands of the Comtesse de Calan. She and her husband, a French senior official in Morocco, were enchanted by the place. Across from the island, they expressed their intense interest for Moorish architecture, as evidenced by the Château de Calan overlooking the hotel, topped with its golden dome, and its windows and doors hinting to Arabia. Since 1975, the island has belonged to the community. 



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